Performance Characteristics of Contemporary A Cappella in China

Mr.Hongyu Zhang ,Dr. Nutthan Inkhong
Keywords: Contemporary A Cappella chorus Chinese works Performance characteristics ,


Contemporary A Cappella chorus, a gradually popular vocal singing style in the early
20th century, especially the addition of vocal percussion and imitation of musical instruments,
was famous and made it quickly sung around the world. After being introduced to China, it
quickly gained a group of supporters. After being influenced by the Chinese nationality,
culture, region, cultural environment, social system, and other factors, the contemporary A
Cappella presented a new style: a positive integration and change. Through the
contemporary A Cappella in the West and China, both mutual reference and development
trend of analysis, to find the fusion of Chinese elements of contemporary A Cappella
performance characteristics, from the unique national features, creative style, performance
elements three aspects, and scientific understanding of its value, for A Cappella and Chinese
A Cappella singing practice, mutual reference, and development to provide theoretical