The Role of Legal Politics in Port Management in Indonesia

Akhirman ,Aminuddin Ilmar ,Farida Patittingi ,Marwati Riza ,Maskawati
Keywords: Legal Politics, Governance, Regulation ,


The complexity of problems that occur in Indonesian Ports, both Public Ports and Special Ports, from traditional small to large ports on a local, regional, national, and international scale, are problems related to inadequate port infrastructure and facilities, limited facilities, and overlapping port management, hampered intermodal transportation connectivity systems, the quality of Port management is not good, up to port standards that have not referred to International conventions. Legal politics has a vital role in forming Indonesian laws and regulations and national law, considering that the Legal Policy is used as a basic guideline in determining values, determining, forming, and developing national laws in Indonesia. Therefore, through explanatory research using the Normative and Conceptual approach, the author reminds us again that the shapers of laws and regulations should stick to the state goals to be achieved in making a legal product so that the sense of justice, expediency, and legal certainty for the community is always accommodated in every law created.