Hoax and its Effects on Indonesia’s Elections

Yusa Djuyandi ,Mustabsyirotul Ummah Mustofa ,Mochamad Difa Satrio Wicaksono
Keywords: Political race, hoax, fake news, Indonesia. ,


The period leading to the general political race is often the period where people gets a great deal of data and information from different sources, particularly from the mass media who give data to the public each day, especially nearing the days of the political race. In the period paving the way to the political race, news sources don't just originate from trusted sources, and they frequently come from sources with indistinct roots. The wonder of deceptions, or hoax in Indonesia raises questions about the data that was gotten and surely confuses the general population. The rumors and false information that has been given to the public over and over again can form a public opinion that the information given is actually real and not fake news. There are three approaches to deal with foreseeing the spread of fake news in the network, these approaches are the institutional, technology and literature approaches. This research analyzes that the spread of hoax or hoax news today is increasingly worrying. The rapid development of technology is undeniably another factor in the rapid spread of the news. But on the other hand, conventional mass media which have an important role in combating hoaxes are still often carried away by hoax stories.