A Preliminary Study of The E-Commerce in Thailand: FromMarketing Perspectives

Mr. Jiacheng ZHONG
Keywords: E-Commerce in Thailand, Marketing Mix 7Ps, SWOT, Chinese E-Retailers, ,


This study based on reading a large amount of literature on e-commerce in Thailand and drawing conclusions through qualitative research. In this study, based on the Marketing Mix 7Ps research method, and then combined with Thailand's current government policies; the Sino-Thai high-speed railway; China's e-commerce experience and other factors, the current situation of e-commerce in Thailand is analyzed comprehensively and the findings of the study are made an overall using the SWOT approach analysis.

In addition, at the end, the Marketing Mix 7Ps approach is re-applied to give conclusions from each aspect and give corresponding recommendations.

This study will enable Thai e-commerce companies accurately map the current state of e-commerce in Thailand, as well as the development situation. It also gives the Thai government some suggestions on how to promote the development of e-commerce in Thailand.