Transformational Leadership, Organizational Commitment, and Employee Performance among Nursing Staff in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Alshammari
Keywords: transformational leadership, job performance, organizational commitment, hospitals, Saudi Arabia ,


This research is undertaken with a purpose to investigate the impact of transformational leadership on employees’ performance by considering the mediating role of their organizational commitment. For this, the authors used questionnaires and documented the responses from 231 female nurses in various hospitals operating in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. For anlaysis purpose, the study applied a descriptive, correlational, and regression research designs. The findings revealed that organizational commitment had a mediating role between the transformational leadership and employees’ (nurses’) job performance. Moreover, transformational leadership positively affects the job performance through their commitment to hospitals. The study suggests that hospital’s management must do the necessary arrangements in order to implement and practice the transformational leadership to further enhance the job performance of their paramedical staff. This study recommends the future research to be conducted on a much larger scale by taking the other forms of leadership and their impact on employees’ performances.