Methodological applications for measuring the impact of legislation

Naseem Abdullah Aliwi
Keywords: Parliament, Measure the Impact of Legislation, the Quality of Legislation, The Quality of Legislation. ,


The methodology of measuring the impact of legislation is one of the best contemporary practices of legislative development, and a central tool for achieving the quality of legislation, through knowledge of the benefits and costs of legislation before voting on it, which is based on the independence of official and unofficial institutions, which the world knew in the seventies of the last century in a number of countries, but it took an international dimension when the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) adopted this methodology, as a means to achieve the end of legislation based on the success of government policies and measures verified from it, through binding applications to parliaments through which the impact of legislation can be measured, as well as a tool for control and accountability, and a means for correcting legislation in line with the general policies of the state.