Public utilities system for housing development in Thailand (PUSHD)

Boonsong Thanyakit ,Jirawat Damrianant
Keywords: Infrastructure system, public utilities system, housing development, Land Development Act, Legal provisions of public utilities system. ,


Legal provisions of the public utilities system for housing development have been enacted in primary laws such as the Land Development Act, B.E. 2543 (2000), an announcement by the Central Land Development Commission, and 77 stipulations issued by the Provincial Land Development Commission. This includes other laws and standards. Several issues can cause complexity in the understanding and application of land development designers, inspectors, and house buyers. This article aims to gather relevant laws, acts, and legal provisions and categorize them for the convenience of making references and applications. Further, we identify the differences, analyze the appropriateness of applying legal provisions of the public utilities system, and present lists of infrastructure systems that housing development would have. The methodology consisted of gathering documents from relevant laws, acts, legal provisions, other standards, and references, including collecting comments from experts to analyze the appropriateness of the public utilities system. The results of this work show the three categories of public utilities systems:10 issues of central property and fundamental public utilities systems, six issues of public utilities systems for safety, and three issues of other public utilities systems. Each type of public utilities system is classified as shown in Table. The research also presented 19 issues of the public utilities system, of which ten have been mentioned in the Land Development Act, B.E. 2543 (2000), and other laws, nine of which should be provided with the standard for safety and appropriateness in various terms.