Opportunities For Applying Clustering To Ensure The Sustainable Development Of The Agricultural Sector In The Karabakh And Eastern Zangazur Regions Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan.

Anar Huseynov ,Gulnara Quliyeva ,Mushfiq Huseynov ,Elmir Mahmudov ,Gulnara Huseynova ,Fidan Babayeva
Keywords: agriculture, post-conflict region, cooperation, agricultural clusterization ,


The modern economic system is based on the deepening of globalization processes, development with innovative foundations, the application of scientific and technological achievements, and the increasing role of technological knowledge, realized through the realization of high-value products and services and the formation of mutual management and production methods. In this regard, considering the current economic conditions, the application of new methods in economic management and the formation of a new economic growth model are of great importance. The sustainable development of the agricultural sector, which is considered an important part of the national economy, taking into account the importance of the functions it performs, is one of the priority issues facing the state.