The Co-Operation among European Right Wings Populist Parties and the Zionist Right Wings

Khudier A Dhlaky ,Emad Salah Al Shik Dawood
Keywords: The European Populist Right, the Israeli Right, Anti-Islam, the Zionist Movement, Anti-Semitism. ,


The research reviews the historical development of the relationship and cooperation between the European extreme right-wing populist parties and the right-wing in "Israel" and the commonalities that unite the two parties despite the historical stance of the European extreme right in anti-Semitism. International events, including the events of 9/11/2001 in the United States, and linking terrorism with Islam, which provided an encouraging climate for the formation of a unified front of extreme right-wing forces against the so-called "Islamic terrorism." The research reviews the implications of cooperation between these parties and the Israeli right on the Palestinian issue, and what are the proposals and steps To confront this alliance and limit its negative repercussions on the Arab world in general and the cause and rights of the Palestinian people in particular.