A brief investigation of English language teaching and learning techniques applied to higher education students

Cristina Paola Chamorro Ortega ,Esthela Isabel Colcha Guashpa ,Angela Cecibel Moreno Novillo
Keywords: English language; Learning techniques; Teaching techniques; Higher education; Academic performance; Combined techniques. ,


Several decades ago, the English language has become a necessity for countries that do not have English as their mother tongue, attracting the attention of the academic, scientific, and economic communities. A great variety of techniques have been implemented in the teaching and learning of this language and have been adopted in most of the institutes of Higher Education in Latin American countries.  The present research analyzes the different teaching and learning techniques based on the scientific literature used by English language teachers. The results are based on the academic performance of a group of Higher School Polytechnic of Chimborazo students. It is concluded that the combination of task-based teaching strategies (36.56 % of students acquired skills in English language learning acquisition according to this technique adopted by teachers.) and grammar teaching technique (42 % of teachers use this technique) has a better impact on English language learning.