Exploring the Link between psychological safety, creative self-efficacy, and employee Innovation Behavior in China's e-commerce industry

Jiaqi Zhang ,Siti Rohaida Binti Mohamed Zainal ,Shuya Xing
Keywords: China e-commerce, psychological safety (PS), creative self-efficacy (CSE), employee innovation behavior (EIB) ,


Innovation and creativity are essential for success in this market because of its rapid expansion and fierce rivalry. A proactive mentality in employees may improve their creative output, according to a prior study. However, there isn't much research that looks at the underlying mechanisms of how proactive personalities affect creative ability. Furthermore, contextual elements that could work as helpful conditions haven't gotten enough academic attention. In the Chinese e-commerce sector, this study looks at the connections between psychological safety (PS), creative self-efficacy (CSE), and employee innovation behavior (EIB). This study finds that PS and CSE had a favorable effect on EIB using survey data from workers in China, encompassing Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. Additionally, CSE mediates the link between PS and EIB to some extent. These results imply that encouraging development in China's e-commerce sector requires developing a safe and encouraging work environment that supports employees' confidence in their capacity to come up with original solutions.