"Strategic Management of Course and Training Institution Leaders in Improving the Quality of Graduates in South Kalimantan”

Slametno ,Sofyan Sauri ,Hendi ,Waska Warta
Keywords: Strategic Management, Quality of LKP graduate ,


The implementation of LKP is still faced with several problems, including the fulfillment of infrastructure and learning processes, in this case the human resources of instructors who are still low in competence, as well as LKP organizational management that has not been managed properly, and the weak partnership between LKP and IDUKA. This study aims to obtain an overview, obtain information and analyze strategic environmental analysis, strategic formulation, strategic implementation and strategic evaluation. This research used a qualitative approach with an analytical descriptive method, while the data was analyzed using a triangulation technique. The basic theory used is the strategic management theory ofWheelen & Hunger quality theory from Crosby, and Education theoryJohn Dewey. The results of this study indicate: 1) Strategic environmental analysis is prepared and designed based on an analysis of LKP's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges and is useful in supporting the improvement of the quality of graduates even though LKP is still faced with LKP resource problems; 2) The strategic formulation of the Head of LKP if it is designed through curriculum planning documents and competency-based learning by taking into account the needs of IDUKA will be able to improve the quality of graduates; 3) The strategic implementation of the head of LKP has been carried out by referring to Non-Formal Education regulations and strategic management principles, this can be seen from accreditation status, quality of graduates, weaknesses that are strengthened in building partnership patterns between LKP and the government and private sectors; and 4) The strategic evaluation of the head of the LKP has been carried out in a series of planned activities covering all components of the madrasah activity program, both short term, medium term and long term to be used as material for improving the implementation of the LKP work program in the future. The conclusion of the study is that strategic management by the head of LKP, when implemented with the principles of strategic management, can improve the quality of graduates of LPP STKOM Sapta Computer Tabalong and LPP Balangan Polytechnology, South Kalimantan.