The implementation of national standard policy madrasah ibtidaiyah education

Ifah Khadijah ,Rohendi ,Atep Gunardi
Keywords: Education, Implementation, National Standars Policy, ,


The implementation of National Education Standard at the level of madrasa in the fact still found various problems, they were, the low grade of graduation standard of competency, less of qualified educators and educator stuff, inadequate facilities dan infrastructure, minimum of learning materials, beside that the management standard, which includes preparation, implementation, and evaluation relate to National Education Standard was not implemented yet. The purpose of this study was to identity the implementation on graduate competency Standard, content Standard, process Standard, educational assessment Standard, and standard for educators and education personnel at MI I'anatut Thalibin Bandung, MI Miftahul Huda Bandung and MI Iqro Garut. This study used a qualitative approach and descriptive analysis method to analyze the information needs regarding the implementation of the National Education Standard. Data collection techniques used were observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of the study indicated that: the gradual and continuous implementation involves all elements of the madrasa and is used as a reference in the preparation of work plans for the following year, the impact had referred to the National Education Standard although in terms of planning, implementation, assessment and supervision had not seen shown maximum efforts, especially in developing and improving the quality of student learning outcomes.