Describes the Ritual of an Actor's Performance Within the Context of the Play Ya Mary

Anas Zuhair Hanan ,Prof. Dr. Nashat Mobarak Sliwa
Keywords: liturgy, performance, actor. ,


The liturgy is a ritualistic religious term based in its form on the practice of celebration and forms of organized collective worship. It is aesthetically based on a human act that is perceived in time and space, sensually and mentally. The liturgy includes in its content a group of ritual Christian religious forms. It is a phenomenon experienced by the group in the daily reality based on the act of service and the presence of the believer in his being with the group. The liturgy is directed towards the real act of participation with its persons, vocabulary, and dialogue texts, as well as its symbolic forms related to beliefs, rituals, and myths. The researchers will try to find the dramatic and behavioral approaches between the liturgy and theater data to determine the liturgical features in the performance of the theatrical actor. In the light of the foregoing, the researchers divided the subject of his research into four chapters, where the first chapter (methodological framework) included the research problem, which focused on answering the following question: What are the features of the liturgy for the performance of the actor in the performance of the play Oh Mary? And then the importance of research and the need for it, then the goal and limits of the research, then the definition of terms, As for the second chapter (the theoretical framework), the two researchers discussed the first topic: the liturgy (its beginning and its concept). The second topic: the characteristics of the performance act of the liturgical representative, then the indicators that resulted from the theoretical framework, As for the third chapter (research procedures), it included the research community, the research tool, and the research methodology. The chapter ended with the sample analysis. The fourth chapter included the research results and conclusions. The researchers concluded their research by establishing the sources and references.