Tatanen Program in the Project of Strengthening the Profile of Pancasila Students in Purwakarta Indonesia

Helmawati ,Raden Yulyul Yulianan Hastuti ,Nana Ismelani
Keywords: Character Education, Tatanen in Bale Atikan, Profile of Pancasila Students. ,


Tatanen at Bale Atikan is a character education movement to foster awareness of ecological life in caring for the earth and studying the earth, so that students grow and develop according to their own nature and the nature of their era. The Tatanen at Bale Atikan Policy is one of the characters strengthening programs and is an effort to create a character of Pancasila Students Profile that provides meaningful learning experiences to students. The focus of this discussion is how to implement the Tatanen at Bale Atikan program in strengthening the Pancasila Student Profile at Public Senior High School (SMPN) 10 Purwakarta Indonesia and what characters grow from the results of implementing the program. This research uses a qualitative approach, and uses observation, interviews, documentation studies, and literature studies to collect the data. The data analysis is carried out through the stages of collecting data, classifying, reducing, and making conclusions. The results of this study are: the Tatanen at Bale Atikan program as a strengthening of the Pancasila Student Profile at SMPN 10 Purwakarta Indonesia is carried out through five stages, namely: the planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating stages; while the characters that grow according to the results of the implementation are moral character towards nature; mutual cooperation character in the form of collaboration, caring, and sharing; independent character in the form of awareness and responsibility for the importance of natural preservation for ecosystems and their habitats; and critical reasoning characters. Meanwhile, the character of global diversity, namely the character of knowing and appreciating culture, intercultural communication skills in interacting with others, and reflection on and responsibility for the experience of diversity have not appeared yet in the strengthening of this program.