Educator Recruitment Mechanism in Improving Quality at Al Aitaam Education Foundation Bandung Indonesia

Helmawati ,Toha Konidin ,Apriadi Manan Firman
Keywords: Human Resources, Recruitment, Educators, Quality of Education, Foundation ,


Educators as human resources are staff who play an important and strategic role in efforts to improve the quality of education. Qualified educators will be able to provide a quality learning process. The acquisition of quality teaching staff is carried out through a recruitment process that is in accordance with standards. Foundations as owners of private schools have their own mechanisms for recruiting teaching staff, so they need to pay attention to the quality standards of the recruited teaching staff. The focus of the discussion is the mechanism for recruiting educators at the Al Aitaam Education Foundation and what are the obstacles encountered in efforts to recruit quality educators at the Al Aitaam. The research method used is descriptive qualitative, data obtained through observation, interviews, and document studies. The data analysis is carried out through the stages of collecting data, classifying, reducing, and making conclusions. The results of the research show that first, the recruitment mechanism is carried out through double standards, namely according to government standards and foundation standards; second, the obstacle faced during recruitment is when there are qualified prospective teaching staff who question the lack of appropriate compensation to be obtained. Efforts to continue, namely the foundation to carry out various entrepreneurship so that they are able to provide compensation proportionally and professionally to get qualified teaching staff.