The Effect of Playing Jelly Beads in Improving Fine Motor Skills for Class Iv Children with Mild Intellectual Disability at Slb C Sukapura Bandung City

Argiasri Mustika ,Nopebriyanti Sigalingging ,Putri Ayu Komala ,Salsabil Nurrahma ,Siahaan Elsa Miracle Sundame
Keywords: fine motor skill, jelly beads media, mild intellectual disability children ,


This study aims to improve fine motor skills of children with mild intellectual disability. The supporting media used in this study used jelly beads / hydgrogel in improving fine motor skills for children with mild intellectual disability. The research used is experimental research in the form of Single Subject Research (SSR), with A-B design and technical data analysis in the form of graphs. The assessment of this study uses instruments and observations to determine the extent of the child's abilities. The results of the study of fine motor skills in children with mild intellectual disability grade IV at SLB C Sukapura, seen in the baseline conditions the observation was carried out 5 times, in the condition of observational intervention carried out 7 times. Based on the results of research and data management, it was concluded that jelly beads media has an effect on improving fine motor skills of children with mild intellectual disability. Research recommendations are addressed to teachers to always use learning media in carrying out teaching and learning activities so that learning objectives can be achieved.