Influence of the validity of the COGEP on speed in justice

Ing Erika Paola Gavilanes González Mg ,Dr Marcelo Alejandro López Zea Mg ,Dra Lila Galicia Chávez Fonseca ,Abogada de la República del Ecuador
Keywords: Procedural speed; COGEP validity; Justice; orality ,


One of the great problems that justice faced is the slowness in resolving conflicts, which generated inconvenience since the requests for unnecessary formalities prolonged the paperwork, returning to slow justice lacking in effectiveness, for which the COGEP sought to develop a procedure that dynamizes justice in an agile and effective way, for this the present investigation was based on the qualitative paradigm of bibliographic review with the use of documentary review,  hermeneutic and analysis-synthesis methods that aims to display some considerations regarding to the influence that the application of the COGEP will continue in the procedural speed. With the findings found, it can be evidenced that the validity of this normative body avoids premeditated delays in the processes, transforming the written system into an oral system that allows the reduction of conflict resolution time, providing the best scenario to comply with the principle of speed established in the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador.