Ecuador and digital justice in time of the covid-19 pandemic

Aguilar Martínez, Mario Ramiro ,León Burgos, Gabriela Paulina ,Paredes López, Julio Alfredo ,Gordillo Cevallos, Diego Patricio
Keywords: COVID-19, digital justice, e-justice, video conference. ,


The paper analyzes the situation of Ecuadorian digital justice in the face of the ravages caused by COVID-19, considering that the different organizations that make up justice previously began a process of digital transformation, the results of which were insufficient to allow compliance with the rights established by the constitution. Hence, reference is made to and study of the different milestones that mark the development from the regulations to the technological part of the development of e-justice in Ecuador. For this purpose, an adequate bibliographic systematization was used based on the study variables, within the results achieved are the historical - legal study of the subject of study.