Contributions of soft law to international law in dealing with global problems

Pamilys Milagros Moreno Arvelo ,Geoconda Del Rocio García Sánchez
Keywords: soft law; hard law; global problems; globalization; binding character. ,


The research addresses the contributions of soft law to international law in the solution of global problems, assuming that these problems transcend the state sphere, and many of the actions for their solution come from agendas organized by international organizations and actors, through agreements lacking mandatory but that becomes a precedent or interpretation of hard law. This is a current and necessary issue to address in the face of the crisis of the nation state and the loss of the normative monopoly by the States, being necessary the analysis of the new sources of Law. A qualitative, descriptive approach was used, using synthetic, inductive and hermeneutical analytical methods. It was concluded that soft law has contributed concrete actions to the solution of global problems that, although they lack binding character, have been assumed by the States as necessary from a political and ethical commitment for the development of humanity.