Constitution of popular and solidary economic organizations in post-pandemic for the Ecuadorian economic reactivation

Gaspar Santos Manaces Esaud ,Gilma Nelly Rivera Segura ,Zambrano Olvera Marcela Anarcaly ,Triviño Vera Karen Clemencia
Keywords: Popular and Solidarity Economy; Economy; Economic System; Sumak Kawsay. ,


The popular and solidarity economy is imposed as a new economic system that leaves aside the corporate interests of capitalism and focuses on human beings and their needs, through this research article that aims to analyze the Constitution of this type of popular and solidarity economy organizations in a postcovid era, and its effects within the Ecuadorian State. It is conducted through a qualitative research methodology using methods of analysis, literature review, hermeneutics and legal exegetics. Inferring that, in the postcovid era, it is fundamental for the State to develop public policies regarding the popular and solidarity economy, due to the fact that this approach contrasts with the creation of jobs and opportunities from sectors and communities that conform minorities, and to offer credits to enterprises that can decentralize the business corporations that disfavor.