Implementation of the Independent Campus Learning Policy to Improve the Competence of Private University Graduates

Sukirno Sukirno ,Iim Wasliman ,Ade Tutty R Rossa ,Okke Rosmaladewi
Keywords: policy, competence, implementation, commitment, clustering ,


The role of tertiary institutions is needed in preparing superior human resources that are able to compete globally. Universities must adapt quickly in preparing students' new skills and competencies to face these new challenges. The Independent Campus Learning Policy (MBKM) namely the opening of new study programs, the higher education accreditation system, higher education legal entities and the right to study three semesters outside the study program. In order to prepare students for increasingly rapid social, cultural and technological developments, student competencies must be able to compete in this global era. Link and match not only with the world of industry and the world of work but also with the rapidly changing future. MBKM implementation using a strategic management approach. Organizing, operational planning, allocating resources, preparing and allocating budgets, managing human resources in the implementation of MBKM to improve graduate competence. The research method uses a qualitative approach and a case study research method. The research was conducted at the Mandala College of Technology and the Garut Institute of Technology. Methods of data collection by interviews, observation and documentation studies. MBKM implementation needs to be carried out with the commitment of tertiary institutions in accordance with clustering and Higher Education Key Performance Indicators (IKU). MBKM is carried out based on internal and external environmental observations, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation which are carried out on an ongoing basis. The MBKM implementation in the 2 (two) PTS has been carried out but the results have not been optimal as in the establishment of the MBKM program which is adjusted to the potential of the tertiary institution, the determination of the budget and the determination of procedures