Internalization process of religious moderation values in improving student islamic character

Mastuhi ,M. Darmawan A. Aziz ,Asep Rahmat
Keywords: Internalization Process, Values of Religious Moderation, Islamic Character of Students ,


Education is an integral part of people's life and the main factor in the formation of the human person. In this era of globalization and the rapid advancement of technology and information, education must be able to provide and facilitate the growth and development of the moral, intellectual, social, and personal skills of students. Education must be directed towards the continuous growth of the whole human personality, through reason, heart and five senses.The process of internalizing the values ​​of moderation in learning Islamic Religious Education at SMA Plus Istiqamah Bandung City is realized through the Knowledge and Understanding Stage, the habituation stage, the exemplary stage, motivation, and the enforcement stage. This is an effort from the process of internalizing student character values.