Analysis of islamic junior high school teacher pedagogic competence in implementing independent learning curriculum in bandung

Abdul Holik ,Nenden Maryati ,Zul Andrivat


Pedagogical competence is a competency that must be possessed by all Islamic junior high school teachers. Implementation of the Independent Curriculum is one of the selected curricula offered by the government to be implemented by educational units. Through a descriptive qualitative approach with the phenomenological method, the results obtained from the questionnaire distributed to 39 respondents. The results showed that the pedagogical competence of Islamic junior high school teachers teachers in the Implementation of the Independent Curriculum, according to the perceptions of 39 Islamic junior high school teachers teachers, around 95% of the criteria set are in the very good category. If it is interpreted in the table, the value of 95% is in the strong criteria, meaning that as many as 38 Islamic junior high school teachers teachers in Bandung are ready to implement the Independent Curriculum.