Guidance and Counseling Management in Improving Needs Fulfillment and Solving Student Problems at SMAN I Cisarua, West Bandung Regency

Ayi Najmul Hidayat ,Nurul Aidah ,Muhamad Fikri Ghifari
Keywords: Management, Guidance and Counseling. ,


Guidance and counseling management can support the achievement of guidance and counseling goals. In several high schools there are still many students who face problems and the needs of students have not been met. This study aims to examine the management of guidance and counseling in improving the fulfillment of needs and problem solving of students at SMAN 1 Cisarua, West Bandung Regency. The approach used is a qualitative approach, the method uses descriptive methods. Data were collected using interviews, observation and documentation studies, the research subjects were guidance and counseling coordinators. The results of the research show that: (1) planning is based on Law No. 2/89, PP. 26/90, SK MENPAN No 29/89. The planner is the guidance and counseling coordinator, objectives, principles, functions, service content, services, techniques, class/week schedules, place of implementation, targets, decisions, participants, implementers, infrastructure, and budget all need to be improved and must be based on student needs and problems. (2) Organizing has been carried out by compiling organizational structures, division of tasks, grouping types of activities and work mechanisms. (3) Guidance has been carried out by carrying out coordination, cooperation, explanation of implementation criteria, and techniques used, but everything has not been maximized. (4) Supervision has been carried out by making changes and developments, aiming at goals, activities and responsibilities. All of these sub-aspects need to be maximized and adapted to the needs and problems of students. (5) Evaluation is carried out by assessing the process and results, success criteria, methods and techniques of assessment and making a report. All of these sub-aspects need to be improved and adapted to the needs and problems of students.