Analysis Of The Corona Word In German Newspaper In 2020 Based On Corpus Linguistics

Sri Kurniati Almucharomah ,Pratomo Widodo ,Wening Sahayu
Keywords: Corona, Corpus Linguistics, Antconc, German Newspaper. ,


Massive coverage of the Corona virus around the world has caused the word "Corona" to be more familiar to the ear. Likewise in Germany, this virus has caused Germany to implement a lockdown to protect its citizens from the Corona virus attack. This is the background of this research, namely to find out how many times the word "Corona" appears in German newspaper reports. The data in this study were taken from the data corpus of the University of Leipzig, Germany and analyzed using Antconc software. The results showed that the word "Corona" appeared 2,993 times in German newspapers throughout 2020. This study uses quantitative and qualitative methods. The data in this study were taken from German newspapers which took place throughout 2020. The data source was obtained from the website of the University of Leipzig, Germany. There is a lot of corpus data on the page, but this research is limited to 100,000 sentences. Of the many corpus software, in this study, a corpus analysis software called AntConc was used to process corpus data. The steps taken in this study were to download the corpus data on the website of the University of Leipzig. The corpus data in the form of sentences in newspapers in Germany published throughout 2020 amounted to 100,000 sentences. Then the corpus data is processed using AntConc software. After obtaining the data, then the data was analyzed qualitatively to determine the linguistic features. The results of the analysis show that the use of corpus software is very helpful in making it easier to analyze corpus data. Based on the existing corpus data, it can be seen that the word "Corona" throughout 2020 appeared 2,993 times in German newspapers. This shows that the word "Corona" has become the main topic in newspaper coverage in Germany.