Steammer Mass Ecoprint Tool Engineering In Improving Batik Production Skills

Endang Tjahjaningsih ,Dewi Handayani Untari Ningsih RS ,Dwi Budi Santoso ,Mohammad Riza Radyanto
Keywords: mass steammer tool, ecoprint technique, beginner entrepreneur ,


Beginner entrepreneurs who are members of the "Sanggar Batik Rakyat" (SABARA) need the ability to always improve their competence and potential so that they are able to compete and be efficient with competitors in the same field. As a forum for beginner batik SMEs that focus on utilizing the natural environment as a commodity that has high economic value, SABARA community is always moving forward and improving their abilities by conducting training and workshops as an effort to improve skills. The products produced by the association have begun to be very diverse, suitable to be marketed and following trends in the market with safe and environmentally friendly commodities. Implementation of appropriate technology in the form of engineering the steammer mass ecoprint tool to produce ecoprints in large quantities not only per sheet but can be in 1 roll at a time. The results of ecoprint products remain unique because leaf blade objects cannot be made the same as an alternative to developing ecoprints. The purpose of using the ecoprint steamer mass tool is to cut production costs in the hope of being able to compete on the price side with the same quality. With this technology, ecoprint batik products can be mass produced, equipped with indicators that can control the heat temperature according to the heat needs of the steaming time. A standardized control system and indicators that can regulate the processing time are expected to produce ecoprint batik products that have better quality, mass production processes, and can reduce costs which impact on product competitiveness to be ready to be marketed.