The trends of studies mathematics learning in elementary schools the perspective of bibliometric analysis

Eliva Sukma Cipta ,Kokom Komalasari ,Budi Rohdiyana Rahmat ,Dede Nurlaela ,Nur Badiah
Keywords: learning mathematics, elementary school, VOSviewer ,


This study aims to explore trends in the direction of research that is developing in the field of elementary school mathematics learning. This study uses Scopus search analysis and VOSviewer software. Based on 55,051 documents (367 selected documents) selected from Scopus indexed journals, co-authorship, co-citation, co-occurrence, clusters, and content analysis were carried out. The results of the quantitative analysis show that publications are very important in learning mathematics in elementary schools, namely learning mathematics and basic mathematics. Literature on learning mathematics in elementary schools has explored several hot themes over the last five years, including: elementary mathematics, elementary education, spatial reasoning, functional thinking, teacher leadership, math anxiety, representation, algebraic thinking, e-learning, covid 19, learning process, geometry, robotic. The bibliometric study conducted provides a thorough and comprehensive picture of research on learning mathematics in elementary schools which may be valuable for researchers who are interested in the development of research on learning mathematics in elementary schools in the future. So the researchers suggest exploring this trending research topic.