The Effect of Job Satisfaction And Organizational Communication On Employee Performance At PT. X During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Desi Pujiati
Keywords: Employee Performance, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Communication. ,


Changes in work situations during the Covid-19 pandemic and company policies regarding business continuity have impacted employee performance. This study aims to analyze the effect of job satisfaction and organizational communication on PT employees' performance. X during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study uses quantitative methods with sampling techniques, non-probability sampling with type purposive sampling. The sample in this study are employees who have status as permanent employees and work at PT. X by using the method of working from home, from the office, or a combination of the two methods. The analytical tool used is the descriptive analysis of job satisfaction, organizational communication, and employee performance. Descriptive analysis of respondents' demographic categories on age, gender, last education, marital status, years of service, division, domicile, and working method. The data processing in this study uses multiple linear regression techniques. The results of this study indicate a positive influence of job satisfaction on the performance of employees of PT. X during the Covid-19 pandemic. Organizational communication has a positive effect on the performance of employees of PT. X during the Covid-19 pandemic. Job satisfaction and organizational communication simultaneously affect the performance of employees at PT. X during the Covid-19 pandemic.