Rights And Obligations Of Foreigners Under The Afghan Laws

Toryalai Hemat
Keywords: Foreigner, Rights, obligations, Afghan laws, ,


According to the Afghan laws, foreigners are given the same rights as domestic citizens in all areas except political rights. Based on the provisions of Afghan law, foreigners have the right to enter Afghanistan, cross the borders and territory of Afghanistan, stay inside Afghanistan, and leave it whenever they want. Furthermore, foreigners have the right to find a job for themselves and are allowed to hire a translator and a defense lawyer to go to court for the protection of their rights. On the other hand, foreigners have a number of obligations under the laws of Afghanistan. For instance, they must enter Afghanistan through legal routes and ways and avoid travelling to those areas that are prohibited. Moreover, according to the law, they must stay in Afghanistan during visa extensions and bankruptcy.

The significance of the research study is that the foreigners become aware of their rights under the laws of Afghanistan in order to increase their willingness to travel to Afghanistan, which creates opportunities for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and improvements in various fields of work. Additionally, foreigners become aware of their obligations, based on which possible obstacles to the public order of Afghan society are prevented. The objective of the research study is to inform and acknowledge foreigners with regard to their rights and obligations under Afghan law. The doctrinal research methodology and descriptive, explanatory, and analytical research approaches are used in this work. It is worth mentioning that this research study is entirely based on library sources. The researcher concluded that the rights and duties mentioned under the Afghan laws are discussed in detail in the holy religion of Islam, and then in the field of private international law, they are well discussed and placed in the framework of international standards and international documents.