The Legal Position Of Intellectual Property As Bankruptcy Property And Its Management And Settlement By The Curator

Dhaniswara K. Harjono
Keywords: intellectual property, insolvency, bankruptcy property, management, settlement ,


In insolvency, the Curator is in charge of managing and settling the boedel of bankruptcy property.  The forms of bankruptcy property vary, one of which is Intellectual Property.   Intellectual Property is   a right arising from the result of   a human mindset, which has economic value, so it can be said to be wealth. This paper discusses the legal position of Intellectual Property as bankruptcy property, as well as how it is managed and resolved by the Curator.  Research methods used normative legal research methods. The results showed that Intellectual Property can be included in the boedel of bankruptcy property, but because it is an asset that has a special purpose, its value is high when The company is still operating, and it actually fell during liquidation. Therefore, before reaching the settlement phase, the Curator must first strive to optimize the value of Intellectual Property in the management phase during operation the company is still running and the value of Intellectual Property is still high.