Information and communication technology and its contribution range to the application of the environmental management system ISO 14001 a field study of the opinions of managers in the Badush Cement Factory altawsie

Ali Miyasar Baker Al-Sabawi ,Majed Mohammed saleeh
Keywords: Information and information technology, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System ,


The current study aimed to determine the extent to which information and communication technology contributed at the Badoush Cement Plant tawse, where the questionnaire was used as the primary method of data collecting as part of the implementation of the ISO14001 environmental management system. A total of (80) firm administrators were surveyed, and their responses were analyzed with the use of the statistical software SPSS 26. Many descriptive and analytic statistical approaches were used to examine the data. The statistical findings provide definitive proof that the studied company's administrative officials comprehend the dimensions expressing each of the changes in information and communication technology and the requirements of the environmental management system ISO 14001 too. The study also presented a set of proposals, including the need to pay attention to information and communication technology in the researched organization because of its significant impact on the environmental management system ISO 14001.