Management of strategic innovation competence improvement of students through the teaching factory learning model at the center of exellence vocational school (Descriptive Study at Center of Exellence Vocational School in SMKN 4 and SMKN 9 Garut)

Asep Rudiana ,Iim Wasliman ,Hendi ,Ida Tejawiani
Keywords: Management, Competence, Strategic Innovation, Teaching Factory, Center of Exellence Vocational School ,


Center of Excellence Vocational School is a comprehensive breakthrough aimed at responding to challenges in the context of improving the current condition of Vocational Schools, so that they are more in line with the needs of the world of work. So it is necessary to increase students' strategic innovation competencies to produce works through the Teaching Factory learning model in schools. This study aims to get a scientific picture of planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating, constraints and solutions related to increasing the strategic innovation competence of students at Center of Exellence Vocational School, so that  SMK graduates are able to demonstrate their work and innovation so that it is contested by the best industry players and universities as well as being able to entrepreneurship. This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis method. Data collection techniques were carried out using interviews, documentation studies and field observations with research instruments carried out based on management research guidelines for increasing strategic innovation competency at SMKN 4 Garut and SMKN 9 Garut. The results of the study show that planning for increasing strategic innovation for students at   SMKN  4 Garut and   SMKN  9 Garut is integrated into the Teaching Factory learning model. There are differences in the organization and implementation of the two schools in line with the status of the SMK Center of Excellence for the two schools.   SMKN 4 Garut, which has a BLUD, innovation products for SMK students have received commercial licenses both inside and outside the school with industrial cooperation assistance. Meanwhile, in SMKN 9, students' innovative products are still being developed within the school. The results of the evaluation need to create a student strategic innovation model in an effort to improve competency and practice.