Legal analysis of the principle of utilization of law in granting remission for convicted corruption criminals as reviewed from law number 22 of 2022 on corrections

Asep Sapsudin ,Ahmad Ali ,Yauman Sarif
Keywords: Legal benefits principle, remission granting, corruption crimes. ,


Corruption crimes clearly pose hazardous and disturbing consequences for society, particularly in terms of the country's finances and economy. The impact on the public can destroy the potential effectiveness of all government programs, which can impede development and harm individuals or groups. The purpose of this research is to examine the legal benefits of granting remission to corruption convicts under Law No. 22/2022 on correctional systems. The method used in this research is a normative juridical approach based on literature or secondary data. The results of this research indicate that the remission given is expected to encourage inmates to always reflect on themselves according to the demands of religion in daily life as one of the alternative policies to criminal law in realizing the expected correctional system that meets the minimum standard rules. The application of the principle of legal benefits to override legal positivism requires a comprehensive study of its impact on society and not just focusing on the interests of a few parties.