The Effectiveness Of Pow+Www W=2 H=2 In Strategy In Narrative Text Writing: A Study In The Level Of Senior High School

Zulfikri Betyar Rasuan
Keywords: narrative text, writing strategy, POW WWW W=2 H=2 strategy, writing skill ,


In the process of English learning, writing skill seems to be the least ability possessed by the students as well as in Indonesian context. Prior studies highlighted that one of the factors that caused students’ problems in writing is inappropriate teaching approaches used by the teacher. This research study shed light on scrutinizing the effectiveness of POW+WWW W=2 H=2 strategy to be used in teaching writing skill in virtual setting. This quantitative research involved 2 classes of 11th graders as the participants which were classified into experimental and controlled group. The data were collected by using validated pre- and post-tests. The statistical analysis proved that there was a significant difference achieved by the students in the post-test. Independent samples t-test revealed that the values of t-obtained was higher than t-table and the value of p-output (sig two-tailed) was lower than 0.5. These results confirmed that the use of POW+WWW W=2 H=2 strategy was effective in teaching narrative writing skill in online setting.