Legal Policy Model For Pollution And Environmental Damage Control In The Bangka Belitung Islands Province

Maryano ,Syafri Hariansah
Keywords: legislation, environmental law, damage and pollution ,


This research aims to find out the application of regional regulations in the Bangka-Belitung Archipelago Province. The main problem in this research is divided into several sub-problems. First, how is the regional regulation of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province No. 8 of 2018 concerning control of pollution and environmental damage, Second, what is the legal policy model for controlling environmental pollution and damage in the Bangka Belitung Islands province? While the existing problems can be answered and conclusions are drawn based on these findings, based on facts and statistics, cases of environmental damage essentially indicate the failure of positive law when dealing with community economic problems. Law as a "tool" fails to engineer society socially so that the ultimate goal cannot be obtained, or in other words, the complex substance does not guarantee that its application will be good and effective, especially in the application of regional regulation number 8 of 2018. As for the legal policies of the Government of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province in controlling environmental pollution and damage due to illegal tin mining activities by the local community, there are three policies, namely, the first Strategic Environmental Assessment (KLHS), carrying out post-mining reclamation, and providing green open spaces.