Role Model of Eradicating the Land Mafia in Indonesia

Aarce Tehupeiory
Keywords: Role Model, Eradication, Land Mafia ,


The land problem is getting increasingly complicated because it involves land mafias who commit organized crime, making it difficult for their crimes to be legally traced. After all, they take refuge behind law enforcement and services. Besides land being a high and promising economic investment community, the land is also used as an essential means of human life and development. The problem is that even though the Anti-Land Mafia Task Force has been formed and implemented, land mafia practices still need to be revised. Of the many modes used by the Land Mafia, the cause of this land mafia being able to act is inaccurate land ownership data between RT, RW, Ward, Tax, and BPN. This was done with an evil conspiracy, giving rise to disputes and land disputes in the community. This weakness can occur because there needs to be more accurate data collection of land in Indonesia, giving rise to overlapping ownership, disputes, and land conflicts. Furthermore, how can this be adequately resolved? What needs to be done immediately is to decide on the land mafia ecosystem. Research methods using statutory approaches (statute approach), Approach to this type of qualitative study, verification/evaluative. The technique of collecting data in this study is through interviews, sheets, checklists and other methods that follow the research approach. Research result from integrated data is made of a commitment to decide on ecosystems and the epicenter of the land mafia, and a road map is made that must be built into the land registration system in one integrated data. If there is an error, it can be made cross check and minimize the issuance of counterfeit certificates. It has required the government's Strong Political Will to issue regulations recognizing indigenous peoples' existence. With professional values, ethics and good behavior and quality by realizing TAP MPR IX/2021 concerning Agrarian Reform.