Sabilulungan: Form Of Social Capital In Mapag Menak In Community Empowerment In Padepokan Art Of Culture Of Saung Langit Village Nagrak Regency Bandung

Mirna Nur Alia Abdullah ,Soni Akhmad Nulhaqim ,Opan Suhendi Suwartapradja ,Cik Suabuana
Keywords: Sabilulungan, social capital, mapag menak ,


Social capital as a whole of actual and potential resources related to ownership is based on mutual knowledge and recognition. In Nangrak Village, it is manifested by a thick tradition with the value of Sabilulungan. This study aims to determine the value of sabilulungan as a form of social capital in Mapag Menak in community empowerment at the Saung Langit cultural arts hermitage, Nagrak village, Bandung regency. This research uses a descriptive method with a qualitative approach. As for the data collection technique, namely the documentation method, which is sourced from books, journals, and other literature, then conclusions are drawn. The results show that the people of Nagrak Village show this social capital through social relations/interactions during Mapag Menak. Social solidarity is demonstrated by the presence and participation of all citizens in preparing for the completion of the tradition, as for the trust of the people who accompany the series of traditional processions that are carried out. The tradition in the Nagrak Village community is Mapag Menak which all community members must carry out. Then, the norms and values in the Nagrak Village community are proven by the agreement on rules that need to be obeyed when conducting Mapag Menak.