Impact of Family Support, Teacher Support, Interest and Academic Reason on Career Decision Making A Case on Indonesia University Students

Siti Ma’rifah ,Obsatar Sinaga ,Mohd Haizam Saudi
Keywords: Career decision, Teacher support, interest, Indonesia ,


This study investigates the impact of family support (FAS), teacher support (TES), interest (INT) and academic reason (ACR) on career decision-making (CADM) in university students in Indonesia. For this purpose, data was collected from university student of Indonesia utilizing convenient sampling methods. Utilize quantitative research strategy with cross-sectional study design. The PLS-SEM results indicate that ACR has positive and significant effect on CADM. In the same vein, FES also has positive and significant CADM. The INT also has positive and significant effect on CADM. The TES also has positive and significant effect on CADM. Based on research findings, this study contributed a body of literature with the extended model adding TES along with other three indicators especially in the context of Indonesia private sector universities. Considering the positive effect of all indicators on CADM contributed that government and educational institutions should develop departments to supports to determine their children’s success in careers.