Determinants to Improve Management Studies Students’ E-Learning Quality A Study on Indonesian Public Sector Universities

Siti Ma’rifah ,Obsatar Sinaga ,Mohd Haizam Saudi
Keywords: E-learning, government institutions, Indonesia ,


The research objective to investigate the impact of course design, managerial supports, technical support, administrative support, learner characteristics on e-learning effectiveness among management studies students in Indonesia. For this purpose, data was collected from public sector universities 350 management studies students in Indonesia. Quantitative research approach and cross sectional research design was applied. The Partial Least Square (PLS)-Structural Equation (SEM) technique results indicates that technical supports, course design, administration support, learner’s characters, management support and instructor character have beneficial and considerable impact on the efficacy of e-learning. Similarly, results indicate that e-learning effectiveness has positive and significant impact on e-learning perception. The e-learning perception also has positive and significant impact on e-learning quality. The research added a body of literature with the significance findings that could add a body of literature in the extant literature that could help to investigate the future research in new area.