Moderating Role of Administrative Support between Curriculum Management and Graduates Programs Viability An Evidence from Indonesian Educational Institutions

Siti Ma’rifah ,Obsatar Sinaga
Keywords: Institutional effectiveness, Curriculum management, educational institutions, Indonesia ,


The research objective was to check the mediating influence of institutional effectiveness (INE) among curriculum management (CUM) and graduates programs (GRP) viability. The research also tested the moderating effect of administrative support between CUM and GRP viability. The research was conducted on Indonesia educational institutions where data was collected from the top management via self-administered questionnaire by using convenient sampling technique. Moreover, quantitative deductive approach was used and applied cross sectional research design. The results indicate that CUM has positive and significant effect on GRP viability and INE. The INE also has positive and significant effect on graduates’ programs viability.  INE also significantly mediates between CUM and GRP viability. Administrative support also positively moderates between CUM and GRP viability. The research with the significant effect findings which helps to increase new research and also this research become pioneer study because neither the management support as moderating variable nor INE have been examined as a potential mediator variable in the association between CUM and program outcomes in prior research particularly in Indonesian context. These few crucial information gaps have been found, and the current study fills them with important discoveries. The research is also beneficial for the policy makers and other stakeholders to know about importance of CUM to increase GRP.