Technology integration in higher secondary schools and its impact on engagement and satisfaction A case on Indonesia

Siti Ma’rifah ,Obsatar Sinaga
Keywords: technology integration, engagement, Indonesia ,


This study aims to explore the effectiveness of technology integration on the students’ motivation and engagement. For data collection, the researchers conducted online interviews and questionnaires survey from teachers of different specializations at Indonesia Higher secondary School.  The researchers used the quantitative and qualitative research approach to collect the data by using convenient sampling technique. The findings of the study from both of qualitative and quantitative perspective revealed an efficient effect of the technology on the student’s Satisfaction and engagements when the schools have good infrastructure in technology like tools, and devices. Therefore, based on these findings, the report suggested that the school's technological climate be improved with the help of private sector funding. It also recommends that the Indonesian Ministry of Education provide unique training programs for educators to improve their abilities to use technology in the classroom.. The research limitations and future directions were also discussed at the end of the study.