Impact of leadership behavior on lecturers job satisfaction: moderating effect of educational quality management

Siti Ma’rifah ,Obsatar Sinaga
Keywords: Job satisfaction, leadership behavior, Indonesia. ,


Current research purpose to investigate the moderating effect of educational quality management (EQM) between association of leader’s behavior (LEB) and lecturer’s job satisfaction (LEJS) in Indonesia. Data gathered from Indonesian public and private university instructors was used for this. Cross-sectional study design and a quantitative research technique were used. The analysis was conducted from both of descriptive and inferential statistics perspective. The inferential statistics results indicate that LEB has positive and significant effect on LEJS. It was also describe that LEB and LEJS positively and significantly moderated by EQM. Based on research findings, this research added a body of literature with the significant findings that could be considered a pioneer study with the extended model especially moderating effect because previous studies were mainly focused on either direct effects or mediating effect while there was little attention on moderating effect of EQM. Moreover, this research could also help to the policy makers and educational regulatory bodies to know about the importance of LEB that could increase the job satisfactions. The devotion of the lecturers to stay for company for a greater amount of time might benefit the company in the long run as job satisfaction rises.