Trainee’s Perceptions for Evaluating Training Programs Effectiveness in Preparing Management Studies Instructors: A Quantitative Study on Indonesia Educational Institutions

Siti Ma’rifah ,Obsatar Sinaga
Keywords: Training, educational institutions, Indonesia. ,


The research objective was to recognize the training programs (TRP) effectiveness to formulate the management studies teachers of Indonesia with the indicators of experiences, qualification and courses.  For this purpose, the data was collected from teachers. The findings show that, regardless of educational background, there were no statistical significance variations with in level of appraisal of TRP's efficacy for training management studies instructors in Indonesian institutions. Because of the influence of number of years of experience in Indonesian education, there aren't statistically important variations between the levels of appraisal of efficiency of TRP for prepared management studies instructors. Further results indicates that there is no statistically significant differences in the degree of evaluating the effectiveness of TRP for preparing management  studies  teachers in Indonesia universities due to the number of courses previously attended.  The research added a body of literature with significant findings in the extant literature that could be considered a pioneer study. The research could also help to the researcher and policy makers to increase the education system in Indonesia.