Perceptions of Finance teachers to teach Finance subjects through distance learning during Covid-19: A study on Indonesian universities

Siti Ma’rifah ,Obsatar Sinaga
Keywords: finance teacher, distance learning, Indonesia ,


This research intends to evaluate distance learning strategies and university plans which are applied and followed in different higher education institutions in the department of Accounting and Finance. The study's central emphasis is on the departmental faculty members' perspectives and resources they employed for research during Covid-19 epidemic. This research attempts to find out preferences given by university professors of Finance and Accounting courses for teaching through methods and medium used for online classes, i.e. video conference, traditional lessons and Blackboard etc. For this purpose, a questionnaire was developed comprising two primary axes: first is a collection of demographic details regarding respondents who teach Finance and Accounting courses, and the second is their preferred techniques of remote instruction and the grade of their results. Using the questionnaire, as a research tool, carries such items which reflect the extent to which students can absorb studied material in a better way through distance learning, and, it also carries items related to the teaching methods that helps them understand in the best possible way. The questionnaire also helps the researcher to conclude to what extent distance learning methods may as a strategy, establish effective lines of between teachers and student allows easy access availability of teach any time as per the convenience. Additionally, it gauges how much communication there was among the instructor and pupils throughout the Covid-19 epidemic. The study's faculty participants are those who teach accounting and finance in Indonesian public universities' business management programs. The outcomes of questionnaire were evaluated using a number of statistical programs, as well as a conclusion has been drawn as a result.