Statistical analysis of industrial laboratories in Nahrawan sub-district and adjacent areas for the year 2022

Hussein Ali Hussein ,Intisar Hassoun Reda
Keywords: Statistical analysis of industrial laboratories, Nahrawan sub-district ,


Introduction Research problem What are the local patterns that characterize the industries in the Nahrawan sub-district and adjacent areas? Is there a discrepancy between the statistical variables of the set of industrial indicators?Is it possible to apply strategic analysis (SWOT) for industrial plants in the Nahrawan sub-district and its vicinity? Research Hypothesis There are endemic site patterns that have characterized the industries in the Nahrawan sub-district and adjacent areas as well as their diversity. There is a discrepancy between the industrial indicators within the values of the central tendency,as well as a strategic analysis of the factors of success of the industrial laboratories in the Nahrawan sub-district and its vicinity. The Research objectives Identifying the type of industries in the Nahrawan sub-district and its neighboring areas and the extent of their development potential by analyzing their human and economic indicators and identifying their potentials that help to expand and diversify them and the threats that weaken them and reduce their development opportunities. Spatio-temporal delimitation of study Spatial delimitation : The Nahrawan sub-district and the adjacent areas represented by the areas closest to and farthest from the center of the sub-district are(Al-Khansa, 9Nisan, Al-Karghouliya and Al-Ihsan villages), which are located within the Madain district of Baghdad governorate to the east of it and extend to its south-east between a latitude (=55 ′ 9 °33 - =38 ′ 26 °33) to the north and a longitude (=29 ′ 52°44 ′ -=41 ′ 32°44 ′ East) of the Diyala River, which extends to the south-west and adjacent to Wasit from the east and Diyala governorate from the north and northeast, as shown in the map(1). As for the temporal dimension, the research was limited to studying the reality of the situation for 2022.