Over View Of Gene Editing Technology And Its Application To Produce Designer Babies

Pushpa K H ,Shampa I Dev
Keywords: Genome Editing, CRISPR, Genome Sequencing, Genetic Engineering, Designer babies. ,


Genome editing[1] is a powerful new tool for making precise additions, deletions, and alterations to the genome—an or-ganism’s complete set of genetic material. In recent years, the emergence of highly versatile genome-editing technologies has provided investigators with the ability to rapidly and economically introduce sequence-specific modifications into the genomes of a broad spectrum of cell types and organisms.


[1]Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioural Research Splicing Life: A Report on the Social and Ethical Issues of Genetic

  Engineering with Human Beings 1982 [http://www.bioethics.gov/reports/ past commissions/splicinglife.pdf.]