Economic Stimulus Policy As A Government Effort To Address The Impact Of Covid-19 On The National Economy

Tommy Leonard ,Elvira Fitriyani Pakpahan
Keywords: Government Policy, Economic Stimulus, Covid-19 ,


The economy is one of the three main pillars of development in addition to social and political. Indonesia is a developing country that carries out national development. The Covid-19 pandemic that hit Indonesia in 2019 caused problems that hurt the economy of Indonesia. This problem was the aftermath of the Government's policy of imposing a lockdown to tackle the spread of Covid-19 that was endemic at that time. This study aims to analyze policy programs issued by the country in dealing with the impact of covid-19 on the national economy. The target of this research is a juridical study of economic stimulus policies issued to deal with the effect caused by the covid-19 outbreak, using the approach of qualitative research. Based on the analysis that has to carry by, the economic stimulus policy is considered quite effective because it can bring significant benefits to the recovery of the country's economic sector which was shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic.