Critical Assessment and International Comparisons of Vietnam’s Franchise Law

Nguyen Ba Binh ,Pornchai Wisuttisak
Keywords: Vietnam, Franchising, Franchise Law ,


The paper study on legal framework of franchise law in Vietnam and compare to internal legal framework on franchises. Franchising has just appeared in Vietnam since the mid-1990s. In January 2006, Vietnam passed the Franchise Law, which creates the legal framework for the stable growth of franchising. The legal frameworks of Vietnam Franchise Law are under specific law with various subordinate regulations governing franchise business and registration of the franchise.  The legal frameworks tend to follow international frameworks in terms of jurisdiction on franchising, definition of franchise, credentials of franchisor and franchisee, disclosure of franchise information, details of franchise agreement, franchise relationship, and franchise registration. However, the ambiguity of the legal framework governing franchise businesses still exists. This paper displays a critical assessment and an international comparison of legal frameworks. The paper concludes that, while the Vietnam franchise law is broadly consistent with international practice, some legal issues should be addressed for further development of the Vietnamese franchise sector.