Technology Adaptation in the Covid-19 Period for Teachers at Muhammadiyah Elementary Schools Yogyakarta Teaching Campus Program Indonesia

Wantini ,Suyatno ,An-Nisa Apriani ,Djamaluddin Perawironegoro ,Mhd. Lailan Arqam
Keywords: Technology adaptation, Covid-19 period, Elementary school teacher, Campus teaching program ,


One of the problems that arise in learning during the pandemic is the level of teacher readiness in adapting to technology. Teachers are required to carry out learning but often without adequate training and guidance or resources. In January 2022, cases of a new variant of Omicron broke out and several educational areas in Indonesia were again carried out online for red zone areas. Even though schools are reopening, institutions, teachers and students will face conditions that are much different from before the Covid-19 pandemic. The existence of these differences in conditions requires teachers to be more literate/adapted to technological developments in order to package interesting material. The purpose of this study is to analyze the method of technology adaptation for teachers in Yogyakarta elementary schools who are the object of the campus teaching program. With the analysis of this method, teaching campus students who carry out activities, one of which is technology adaptation, have the provision in implementing it in Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta elementary schools. This type of research is a qualitative research with the object of research is six elementary schools, campus objects teach the Indonesian Ministry of Education program in Yogyakarta Indonesia. The results showed that the process of adapting the technology of elementary school teachers with three stages, namely introduction, utilization and evaluation. The introduction and utilization is carried out by the teacher guided by school policies. While the evaluation is carried out by teachers and principals to get follow-up on further learning. Technology adaptation method for Muhammadiyah elementary schools teaching campus programs in Yogyakarta.